We need to learn to play big and stop hiding.

What are you keeping from the world that you want to share so desperately and so fully?

What is keeping you from being the inspired leader you were meant to be?

What is keeping you from stepping into your greatness?

What are the negative stories that you are telling yourself?

You can’t do it?

You can’t change?

You can’t be wrong?

You are not enough?

Are you scared?

Are you afraid of the judgment?

Are you afraid of making a mistake?

Are you afraid of being wrong?

You don’t have to play small.

Why is it better to pretend?

Is playing small giving you the joy you crave?

Is playing small inspiring those around you?

Is playing small hurting your family?

Is playing small hurting yourself?

Is playing small hurting your career?

Is playing small filling your brain with false stories?

You don’t have to play small.

Do you long to love waking up every day?

Do you long to be an inspired leader?

Do you long for laughter and freedom?

Do you long for true connection with those around you?

Playing small is none of these things.

You don’t have to play small.

You get to choose. Do you want to play small or play BIG?

You can play BIG.

You can emerge.

You can live the life you choose right now.

You can inspire those around you.

You can be the leader that others follow.

You can find joy, peace, and happiness.

You can be seen, felt, and heard an all of your wisdom.

You can play BIG.

You can be wrapped in the warmth of your greatness.

The greatness that has always been inside of you.

The greatness that was hiding and is ready to emerge

As a woman who hid from her greatness, played games with her inner self and played in the shadows, I want you to believe.

You can play BIG.

You can soar.

You can reclaim your life.

You can lead with greatness.

You can inspire.

You can live the life you want.

You will feel safe.

You will be vulnerable.

It is time to believe.

You are enough.

You are powerful.

You are worthy.

You are loved.

Your soul is on fire.

No second guessing. No ‘what if’s”

Own your greatness.

Own your worth.

Own your life.

Rise up, claim your space.

Claim your greatness.

No apologizing.

It is time to play BIG.