Lead, Innovate, Inspire

I am a Product Management Mentor and Coach.

I know you.

Most people think you are on top of everything. But my guess is you are frustrated as a product manager.

You want to lead. You want to inspire.  But you are stuck doing boring, tactical product work.  You can’t remember the last time a leader asked for your advice on a product idea.

When you bring up new innovation ideas, your ideas are struck down or ignored.

Your career strategy is one of ‘hope’ in that ‘I hope someone will notice the good work I do.’  

You can’t remember the last time you received a great raise.

You wonder if your will fade into the abyss of being irrelevant.

I believe we all deserve to be happy at work. We should be fulfilled by the work we do and feel inspired to innovate.  

I help product managers accelerate their career as an influencer and leader, discover inspiration at work, and earn a seat at the product strategy table. 

I am the only Product Coach and Mentor 

…..that provides the tools and coaching based on science, leadership, and the realities of product management to accelerate your career, earn a seat at the product strategy table, and influence your teams.  My programs help you find your voice as a product leader while also reducing stress and effectively leading / influencing your teams.

You will love the journey.


  • Masters of Science Degree (Northwestern University): Learning and Organizational Change
  • MBA (University of Maryland): Organizational Behavior
  • Certified Coach (Northwestern University)
  • Certification in Positive Psychology (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Certified in Pragmatic Marketing


  • Product Leader in B2B HR Technology, bringing strategic, multi-million dollar products to market (7+ years)
  • Product Management and Product Marketing expertise (10+ years) in B2B technology
  • Blogger and thought leader
  • Seasoned product manager
  • For details, please see my LinkedIn Profile

My Journey

When I was a child, each night the family would sit down for dinner.  My father would arrive home and we were never sure which dad would sit at the table. Would he be stressed, anxious, angry, or overwhelmed.  My father was a Product Manager many many years ago who was stuck.  He never felt secure in his job and worked in a toxic environment. I remember the moments at the dinner table like they were yesterday. 

Fast forward and I found myself as a 10-year product manager who was burnt out, bored, tired of working for leaders who micromanaged and frustrated with working in a toxic environment.  I did not feel valued and found myself working 70 hours a week doing nothing but tactical work.

My children were getting older and my relationship with my husband was changing. I would crash on the couch at 9 each night and zone out with Netflix. I was regretting the time I missed with my children since I was working so many hours. 

I was frustrated with the constant stress.

I thought the problem was me. If I could just work smarter, I could become a product leader and get out of the boring tactical work. I read leadership and productivity books. I went to conferences. Yet the stress and frustration just increased. 

The turning point was when I found a mentor, Jim Mitchell. He showed me how to be a product leader and influencer and move from tactical work to strategic work. He stood with me as I made mistakes, rumpled a few feathers, and supported me as I continued to grow.

It was only then that I started to get the innovative products, get invited to strategic sales meetings, and earn a place in the inner product circle.  I started to love what I did as a product manager. 

After building many innovative products and leading / influencing teams across the world, I decided to become a product mentor. I do not want anyone to have parent come home as a stressed out / overwhelmed product manager.  I coach product managers from the moment they decide they would like to move into the field through becoming product leaders. 

Some fun facts about me

I am a wife and mother of two children.

Bandit, my six-pound Maltese, is my third child.

I am an introverted extrovert.

Cheesy 80’s music is my jam.

I was born, raised, and still live in the Northeast.

I call it like I see it.

I will walk miles for a good eggplant parmesan.

I wish I could grow a thriving vegetable garden.

My happy place is enjoying a cup of coffee in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

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