Lead. Innovate. Inspire

I work with product managers and product management leaders who are who are stuck, bored, and unfulfilled at work.  They feel undervalued, under appreciated, and are ready to move into leadership.

Product Management professionals who have worked with me have achieved the following:

  • Received promotions to Director and Senior Director
  • Increased salary by 20+%
  • Moved from doing tactical work to product strategy
  • Earned a seat at the product strategy table
  • Have people who report directly to them
  • Love what they do
  • Come to work inspired each day
  • Mastered work-life balance

I have worked with clients from: Facebook, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Accenture, Shutterstock, and many others.

Through my programs, my clients become product influencers and inspire those around them.  They find clarity of their strengths and values and build a strategic leadership and career roadmap.  

Click on the Let’s Talk! button to schedule a 45 minute discovery call, where we’ll spend time understanding your goals & what is most important to you.  

Whether we ever work together or not, I want to help provide the resources & support to set you up for what you need to reach your goals.  

If we find that we are a good fit, then we’ll continue the discussion on what it would look like to move forward.

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