The Inspired Product Leader

Accelerate your product career into leadership

Does this sound like you?

Do you see OTHERS getting the great product roles and you wonder how did they get so lucky?

Do want to be a strategic product LEADER and INFLUENCER but can’t figure out how to get there?

Are you constantly fighting against what is needed versus “the SHINY RED CAR” that leadership wants?

Do your new product ideas get IGNORED or SHOT DOWN by upper leadership? Are you losing CONFIDENCE?

Do your product team have a negative attitude where they spend more time complaining than innovating and solving customer problems?

Do you find yourself doing BORING, TACTICAL work all day long? 

Are you are drowning in so many issues and firedrills that you cannot even think about how to move your career forward?

If so, the good news is this program is for you!

Program Benefits

How to leverage leadership skills to DRIVE product STRATEGY versus incremental tactical product changes

Why focusing on influencing and inspiring your teams is the FASTEST way to innovate, and put you on the fast track to an accelerated career

How to save time and minimize the thrashing that comes with being a product manager, while giving you the ‘headspace’ to focus on moving your CAREER forward

How to leverage your wins and insights to gain the RECOGNITION, RESPECT, and SALARY you deserve along with a spot in the strategic inner circle

The program is 10 weeks long. It includes:

  • 1:1 coaching sessions to guide you as your start to move forward (As needed)

  • Twice weekly group coaching call for guidance, support, and learning

  • Private Slack community of support and adhoc coaching with Lynne

  • Ten learning modules. Access to the modules for 1 year

  • External content to aid your learning

  • Practical tools you can start to implement immediately to start to move your career forward


  • Leadership skills to inspire and motivate your team towards innovation
  • Clarity on what you want, your strengths, and how to use your strengths to grow as a leader
  • Communication and connection skills
  • Building trust​ inside and outside your teams. How to effectively build trust with senior leaders as well as external customers
  • Managing Stakeholders and Customers ​so they are on your side and become your biggest supporter
  • Managing conflict​, dealing with toxic members of your team, effectively handling angry customers, and learning how to give, receive, and request feedback
  • Each week will have actionable steps to take within your current world of product as you experiment and start to shift your skills and move forward