Product Leadership 1-Day Virtual Event

Product Leadership Event Showing Product Managers How To Get on Track To Earn $200k+ Per Year As A Product Leader…

Saturday, January 11th (10 am ET-6pm ET)

Live-Virtual Event with coaching, collaboration, practice and lots of ‘ah-ha’ moments

To see if the event is a good fit, schedule a 15-minute call here.

From working with hundreds of product managers, several things are abundantly clear

  • Many desperately want to make more of an impact as a product manager, but they are stuck doing tactical work.  
  • They’re intelligent innovators who are frustrated because they feel undervalued and under-appreciated.
  • They started their careers wanting to innovate and work on great products, but now they spend their days working on customer enhancement requests and managing defects.

What to expect?

In just one day, I’m going to give you the strategies to command a premium salary of at least $200k/year as a product manager.

You’re also going to learn:

  • The proven, step-by-step plan to get promoted to a product LEADER, working on high VISIBILITY products instead of tedious tactical work — without having to play awkward politics
  • How to brand yourself as an innovator so you become known inside and outside your organization
  • Practical tools that you can leverage immediately to create immediate opportunities to LEAD


The program has both pre work and also includes a 1:1 coaching session after the event to ensure you are making progress on your leadership goals.

There will be large amount of group activity, discussion, teaching, and coaching. Although it will be a virtual event, we promise the day will fly by.

This is NOT a sit-back-and-eat chocolate event. Come ready to WORK, focus, and stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone.

What is the ROI?

 Lets walk through the financial value…

Right now, let’s assume you’re making $140,000/year. 

By attending this event, applying what you’ve learned, if you earn just one 20% raise, that’s $168,000/year – another $28,000/ year or $280,000 extra over ten years.  

There are only 10 spots in each session. The announcements for this event are going out to our clients, our FB group, our email list, and our LinkedIn connections. These spots will go fast.

Your Host for the Event…Lynne Levy

Lynne is a product leadership coach and has 15+ years as a product leader managing complex, innovative products. Her clients have walked away from her programs moving into their dream leadership job, earning more money, and finally getting a seat at the strategy table.

Lynne’s mission is to help product professionals love what they do, and do what they love in the world of product!

Do NOT miss out on this unique opportunity!

No one else in the product management coaching space is doing an event like this because no one else understands the unique challenges faced by product managers like I do.

Do you want to miss out on….

  • The chance for that raise you’ve been waiting so long for and finally being recognized for your hard work and innovation
  • No longer feeling frustrated watching others will less talent move ahead of you

Do you want to miss out on building your dream product management career?

You Now Have A Choice

Option A is to pass this up as another conference or event.  The problem with option A is you will go back to working on boring, tactical products, waking up dreading going to work, and continuing to be paid significantly less than what you are worth. 

Or, option B is to see this event as an investment in yourself

Recognize it might mean a day away from the family along with getting out of your comfort zone. However, think of this as a small price to pay for coming away with the tools to move into product leadership and put your career on the fast track. 

If you are ready to invest in yourself, click the link below to schedule a 15-minute call, and we’ll see if the program is a good fit for you.