Product management career bootcamp

It is scary out there.  You need the right tools to sustain your job if you are working….and the tools to find the perfect product management position if you are looking for a new job.

We’ve got the tools to enable you to SUCCEED.


  • 10 weeks
  • Who is this for: Product Managers, Product Owners, and Senior Product Managers
  • If you are ready to move FAST, this is the right program for you.

Product Management Career Bootcamp


Land the Perfect Job

Land the perfect job, based on your brand, leadership skills, and passions. A job where you will jump out of bed each morning excited about the day.

Minimize Risk of Job Loss

During times of uncertainty, it is crucial that you are an A-player. Learn the key skills to not only lead, but be valued for the contributions you are making to the organization.  Minimize the risk to your current job in these times of uncertainty.


Manage Stress

Build the winning mindset to tackle challenges and stress with confidence and positivity. These are challenging times.  Learn the critical tools to create positivity and happiness as you lead your teams and look for a new job.

Get Noticed

Learn key leadership skills to inspire your teams during these times of uncertainty. Build the confidence from your management team so you are seen as a strategic player.

Be seen as a thought leader outside the organization and get noticed for your success.


Storytelling and Interviewing

Effectively communicate your story whether in an interview or selling the product vision. Learn how to tell a story that is memorable and insightful.

Build Your Brand (Resume/LinkedIn)

Build your brand leveraging your strengths, experiences, and authentic stories. Create the resume and LinkedIn profile that will help you STAND OUT in a crowded product management job market.

Program Elements

1:1 Coaching

Personalized 1:1 coaching to focus on your goals, remove roadblocks, and enable you to succeed (every other week).


Guided Interview Practice

Twice weekly group interview practice to hone your storytelling and interview skills. Direct feedback provided to enable you to nail the job interview. (Wed, Sunday).

Group Coaching

Weekly group coaching (Monday) to focus on resume writing, branding, leadership, and other key skills to help you succeed.


Branding Workshop

Workshop to focus solely on building your LinkedIn brand based on your product management super powers.


On The Spot Support

On-the-spot Slack coaching to keep you on track as you encounter challenges and obstacles.  Emotional support is critical during times of uncertainty. We are walking this journey towards success with you.

Proven Techniques and Tools

Proven techniques, frameworks, and hands-on exercises to enable you to land that perfect product management position, QUICKLY.


Program Elements to help you SUCCEED QUICKLY:

  • 1:1 coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Slack support for real-time support
  • Interview practice
  • 3-4 hours of coaching each week

Program Price:  $2,500

Additional 1:1 coaching and support available.


Return on Investment:

There are many different ways to think of the investment in yourself.

1. You will get. a job FASTER using the right tools.  For example, getting a job one month quicker means an extra $12-$20K in your pocket.

2.  You will get the RIGHT JOB where you love what you do.

3. You will earn a HIGHER salary with our negotiation help, meaning an extra $20k+ in your pocket.

Over the course of your career, this translates into at least $300K!


Client Success Stories

  • Annie received a PROMOTION and 20% raise within 2 weeks of joining the program

  • Madhu received 3 job offers, including one at Amazon, within 4 weeks of joining the program

  • Debra received a $12,000 on the spot bonus for the new leadership she was showing

Why we are different

Challenging times require a new approach. The product management market is very competitive. The key skills required to be a rockstar product manager, sustain and grow your career, and find a new job are more than just a resume update.

You need to build the storytelling skills, create a positive mindset, increase your confidence, and embrace your inner brilliance.

  • This is the ONLY program that focuses on all of the facets required to do what you love and love what you do…in the product management position for you where you can shine, lead, and not worry about losing your job.
  • It’s not just about landing ANY product management job. We want you in the RIGHT product management job that pays you what you are worth.

We will equip you with the tools, confidence, personalized coaching, skills, and mindset to enable you to stand out and land the PERFECT job for you.

Content Areas

Strengths: Understand how you are a rockstar. Embrace your strengths and see how others view you when you are at your best. Learn how to leverage as part of your career journey.

Roadmap:  Build your short-term and long- term career roadmap. Iterate based on your strengths, passions, values, and the reality of today’s market.

Branding: You must always be managing your brand. Start to create your brand both internally and to the outside market.  This includes LinkedIn and resume updates to enable you to stand-out.

Confidence:  Even if you have the best toolkit, you must have the confidence needed to nail the interview, manage your teams, and become a rockstar product leader.

Leadership:  Whether you are looking for a new job or want to standout in your department, you must start to lead inside and outside the organization. Learn practical leadership tools you can start to immediately use.

Storytelling:  Product management is all about storytelling. Whether you are presenting a vision or interviewing, nail the right storytelling skills to be memorable and seen as a leader.

Networking: You must build a fan base inside and outside the organization during these times. Learn the tools to comfortably network while being your authentic self.