Reclaim Work Mastermind

Are you ready to become more powerful, confident, and impactful in your work-life? Are you ready to find fulfillment and meaning at work?  

This is the place to get the support you need to to reclaim your work! 

Lynne Levy, Certified Leadership and Organizational Coach


Weekly Coaching

Inspired Content

Monthly Training

Weekly group coaching calls for direct support to help you strategize as you find your voice at work.

Relevant, meaningful content, advice, and tips to help you reclaim your confidence and power at work.

Monthly 1-hour mastermind training on popular topics such as how to build your brand, banishing burnout, staying confident in a toxic work environment, and other relevant topics.

You know it’s time to learn to say “yes” to yourself.

You dread going to work each day. You want to find fulfillment and meaning again. You have so much to offer to your organization. But you leaders don’t seem to see it.

Are you ready to step into your power and reclaim your job? Find your voice?  Ask for what you want? This is what the Reclaim Work Mastermind is all about.  

Does this sound like you?

Do you want to start to leverage your fabulous skills at work?

You are ready to feel braver, stronger and more self-assured in both life and work.

Do you want to learn how to speak up with confidence?

You need to negotiate a promotion, raise, or a work-from-home arrangement?

You can’t shake off some negative feedback you received. 

You deserve more leadership responsibility but can’t seem to get it.

You want stronger, happier relationships with your colleagues but don’t know how to get them?

The coaching Lynne gave me allowed me to find my voice and get the 20% raise I deserved.


Social Media Senior Manager

When I feel like my leadership does not value me, I channel my “inner Lynne” to determine what to do.


IT Lead

Working with Lynne gave me the confidence to arrange ‘work from home’ three times a week so I could be there when my kids got off the bus.


Sales Director

 Weekly Coaching

 Practical and actionable advice

 A community of support

 Inspired content

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