Client Stories

My clients come from large and small organizations.

They are:

-Product Managers/Senior Product Managers

-Group Product Managers


My clients come from a range of organizations. For example.

Video Testimonials

Quotes From My Fabulous Product Leader Clients

Working with Lynne is life changing.  It changed my entire career trajectory and gave me my life back.  I love what I do. I am leading teams versus working on stories and customer enhancements.

Senior Product Manager, Mobile Technology Org

Within 4 weeks of Lynne’s program, I have landed a new job, with a $15K raise.  The job is exactly what I wanted and the company adjusted their job description based on what I was looking for.  Lynne, your help with building my confidence, interviewing skills, and understanding what I want was remarkable.  



Product Manager, Fin Serv Tech

I just came back from my interview and I asked for 20% more than I was making and they met it! THANK YOU for your invaluable support throughout the process! From shifting my mindset and confidence to clarifying my desired values & growth opportunities, and of course, job negotiation! I couldn’t have done this without your support.



Senior Product Manager, Early Stage Start-Up

My entire leadership style has changed. I have learned to delegate, manage the strategic elements of product management, and now absolutely love what I do.  I used to come into work stressed and I now come into work on fire, ready to go.



Director of Product Management, Mid Sized Ecommerce Organization

I can’t believe how much difference only 3 weeks in the program has made. I am able to advocate for myself, start to lead, and am starting to garner the respect I have been missing. I literally want to cry and how much of a difference this program is making.  



Associate Director , Mid Sized Tech

Hey Lynne, I just wanted to follow up with you after our sessions we have had. I’m totally shocked! That work we did was so powerful, I just had my meeting with the executive team and breezed through it. It’s like the stress just went away from me as soon as we started and I was able to impress them with my new ideas. I literally cannot thank you enough! You gave me such amazing support that I have never had before. My career is back on track to move into leadership.




Senior UX Lead, Large Tech (Social)

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