The Product Management Mentor

Lynne Levy


Hi. I’m Lynne

I know you.

I have been just where you are right now.

I was stuck and frustrated as a product manager.

I wanted to lead. I wanted to innovate and have a seat at the strategy table.

The stress came home with me each day.

I just kept hoping that someone would notice me and provide me the chance to lead.

I found the right mentor who taught me how to influence as a product manager. My career started to accelerate as I became a leader and influencer.

I am now a product management mentor and coach.  I help product managers in tech. 

…accelerate their career

…love what they do

…get a seat at the product strategy table

…earn that well-deserved promotion

…while feeling valued and respected for their expertise.

I work in between the worlds of Product Management, Coaching, Leadership Development, and Career Coaching.

I Believe

Product Management is one of the most fulfilling careers out there. It is also one of the most stressful.

The most challenging part of product management is leading and influencing.  Tech is easy. People are challenging.

All product managers are leaders and influencers.

Work is a relationship. You need to feel like you belong and are valued in order to be inspired.

The key to an awesome product career is learning how to influence your teams and stakeholders.

When you love what you do, work does not feel like work.

Imagine having a Product Management Mentor in your corner, guiding you to become a product management rockstar.

Is this what you want?


To be inspired

You are ready to be excited each and every day at work.  You want to get your mojo back where you can brainstorm, innovate, and drive product strategy.


Have respect from leadership

You are ready to become a respected innovator where others come to you for mentoring and inspiration.  You want to be the product leader that the CEO and CPO come to for advice.

Become a product leader

You are ready to up-level your career into leadership.  You are ready to have a seat at the product strategy table and move from tactical work to innovative/forward thinking work.

Love what you do

You want to stop working so many hours. You want to come home and be with your family without ruminating about the stress at work. You want to find balance.

From our clients

Before I started working with Lynne, I was in a constant state of stress at work. Lynne helped me find my voice, understand what I wanted, and I learned how to ask for this at work. I am now doing the work I love. 


UX Leader

My own manager (a Vice President) is jealous that I have such a great mentor. I was really fortunate to have found Lynne.  I am now in my dream job!



Working with Lynne enabled me to get the promotion I wanted as well as balance between work and home. I could not have done it without her.


Product Leader

Because of Lynne I was able to let go of my former toxic environment and focus on my passions.  Work no longer seems like work.


Sales Executive


Certified Professional Coach (Northwestern University)

Product Leader in B2B HR Technology, bringing strategic, multi-million dollar products to market (8+ years)

Product Management and Product Marketing expertise (10+ years) in B2B technology

MBA – Organizational Behavior (University of Maryland)

MS – Learning and Organizational Change (Northwestern University)

Certificate in Positive Psychology (University of Pennsylvania)

Pragmatic Marketing Certified

Board of Directors for the Boston Product Management Association

Thought leader and blogger

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